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Institutionalizing inter-disciplinary undergraduate community-based participatory research courses: Critical 1uestions for institutional practice (Dominiak et al.)

Gelmon_Innovations in peer review_wc_TP_400.jpg
Innovations in peer review: Expanding the boundaries for community-engaged scholarship (Gelmon et al.)

Jamison_bridging the gap_wc_TP_400.jpg
Bridging the gap to develop a service-minded institution: Stories from an institutional self-assessment model for service engagement in higher education (Jamison & Stevens)

Kliewer_leaders of engagement_WC_TP_400.jpg
The leaders of engagement: A descriptive analysis (Kliewer & Farner)

Kliewer Org Leadership_WC_TP_400.jpg
Organizational leadership and the engaged university: Redefining gendered models of leadership? (Kliewer)

Lucko_Theres no participation_wc_TP_400.jpg
"There's no participation in "our" participatory-action research project": Overcoming hierarchies in service-learning partnerships (Lucko et al.)

Impact of post 3.11.11 disaster civic engagement in Japan (Murakami)

Sustainable service learning strategies: Outcomes in physical therapy and rehabilitation science (Reicherter)

How program/organizational structure shapes the performance and sustainability of student led co-curricular community service program (Sarvey)

Shaffer Promise and Peril_WC_TP_400.jpg
The promise and peril of knowing together: Lessons from farmer discussion groups and schools of philosophy for extension workers, 1934-1946 (Shaffer)

Growing organizational change: Applying a biomimicry lens to community-based food system study (Sipos & Bomke)

Stuctured for success: Autoethnographic reflections on interdisciplinary service-learning (Van Styvendale & Hitchings)

Welch_Best practice_wc_TP_400.jpg
Best practice and infrastructure for centers of community engagement (Welch & Saltmarsh)

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