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Capturing the essence of learning in K-12 classrooms through service learning projects (Adewui)

Learning from the past: Using the 2009 Learn and Serve cluster evaluation to develop the field's understanding of service-learning implementation and outcomes (Baumann et al.)

K-12 service-learning: New research on what works (Billig)

Factors influencing student voice in service-learning - The teacher’s perspective (Gent)

The development of the Saint Croix Foundation Youth Advisory Council: A bridge to narrow the gap (Hamdorf)

Homana_Service-learning and social studies_WC_400.jpg
Service‐learning and social studies teachers’ instructional strategies: A national study of civic learning for adolescent students (Homana & Passe)

Campus-community partnership: Exploring impacts and outcomes for youth, families and service-learners (Mann & Gardinier)

Merritt_new WC_400.jpg
The Philosophers' Club: College students and alternative high school students engaged in mutual transformation through philosophy discussion (Merritt & Intolubbe-Chmil)

Monaghan_traveling school_new_WC_400.jpg
The Traveling School: Operationalizing transformative educational practice (Monaghan)

How can service learning make a critical impact in schools and community partnerships while creating engaged learners and responsible citizens in middle schools? (Newman)

Stories from service: A sociocultural analysis of how stories are used and transformed in cognitively challenging reflection (Pupik Dean)

WORDLE_Root_An evaluation of the National Youth Leadership Training Program- Youth as change agents to narrow achievement gap_TP_400.jpg
An evaluation of the National Youth Leadership Training Program: Youth as change agents to narrow achievement gaps (Root & Larson)

Stewart McCafferty_WC_400.jpg
Examining perceptions of middle school students and their educators about their service-learning experiences (Stewart McCafferty)

A service‐learning case study: Exploring empowerment and self authorship (Winans)

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