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Battistoni_higher ed_WC_TP_400.jpg
This is what democracy looks like: Putting politics (back) into community engagement (Battistoni et al.)

Benenson_Pay it forward_WC_TP_400.jpg
Pay it forward: A hands-on approach to student philanthropy (Benenson et al.)

Bickel_Agents of social transformation_WC_TP_400.jpg
Agents of curricular and social transformation: Students, faculty and staff assessing "breaking ground" civic engagement projects (Bickel et al.)

cashman_a system-wide working group on civic enagement & service-learning_wc_TP_400.jpg
A system-wide working group on civic engagement and service-learning: How, why, and so what? (Cashman et al.)

Hatcher_Stud Out_wc_TP_400.jpg
Framing a theory-grounded research agenda related to student outcomes in service learning (Clayton et al.)

Covey_Leading with questions_WC_TP_400.jpg
Leading with questions, connecting across differences (Covey & Davis)

Darby_the impact of emotions on learning in academic service-learing_wc_TP_400.jpg
The impact of emotions on learning in academic service-learning (Darby & Noyes)

DeLeon_Participation in multicultural_wc_TP_400.jpg
The effects of participation in multicultural service learning with refugee and immigrant populations in undergraduate students’ self-perceptions of multicultural competence (De Leon)

IMPACT: Creating a service-oriented conference to serve the needs of college students and their campus administrators (Dunn et al.)

Eisenhauer_Measuring ripples_wc_TP_400.jpg
Measuring ripples & waves: Impact of early childhood service-learning (Eisenhauer & Weaver)

Farrington_Diversity & multiculturalism_wc_TP_400.jpg
Diversity and multiculturalism: The impact of service learning and field work on building teaching and leadership skills of pre-service teachers (Farrington)

Foo_Gave me confidence_new_400.jpg
“It gave me confidence”: How field experience and service learning impacts pre-service teachers learning regarding multiculturalism and diversity in an urban middle school (Foo et al.)

Giles_Risky epistemology_wc_TP_400.jpg
Risky epistemology: Connected knowing in community-based research to create social change (Giles)

Glickman_Measuring cross cultural_wc_TP_400.jpg
Measuring cross-cultural adaptability and professional core values development of entry-level student physical therapists: A proof-of-concept study (Glickman)

Gordon_Critical Dem Citizen_wc_TP_400.jpg
"Critical democratic citizenship" What competencies do students need to engage for justice in a diverse democracy? (Gordon)

Gott_understanding leadership through services_wc_TP_400.jpg
Understanding leadership through service: Examining how international service learning informs student leadership development through service (Gott & Hale-Tolar)

Educating engaged citizens through service: Innovative models for reflection and dialogue (Harrison et al.)

Finding meaning in the cracks in the sidewalk: Convergence of place, knowledge, and action in a community engaged course (Jovanovic & Giles)

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