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WORDLE.Arends_Faculty Reflections on International Service_TP_400.jpg
Faculty reflections on international service-learning (Arends)

Faculty engaged scholars: Evaluation of a competency-based approach to faculty development (Blanchard)

Exploring, expanding and integrating connected knowing in design and planning: The erasing boundaries project (Bose et al.)

DeWitt_Crime Stoppers_wc_TP_400.jpg
Crime Stoppers: A national approach (DeWitt)

Disciplinary variations in faculty expressions of publicly engaged scholarship during promotion and tenure (Doberneck & Schweitzer)

Cross-institutional strategies for promoting an engaged professorate (Donnelli-Sallee & Mace)

Harrison_Riffing on a theme_wc_BTP_400.jpg
Riffing on a theme: Faculty involvement in a theme-based service-learning network (Harrison)

Clayton_Framing research agenda_wc_TP_400.jpg
Framing a theory-grounded research agenda related to faculty (Hatcher et al.)

Faculty engagement in service-learning in a faith-based university: Motivators and deterrents (Hutchinson et al.)

Law_Connecting Art and Community_wc_TP_400.jpg
Connecting art and community through service-learning (Law)

Molee_impact of targeted faculty_wc_TP_400.jpg
The impact of targeted faculty and graduate assistant development on student outcomes in service-learning classes (Molee et al.)

The role of collaborative inquiry in developing engaged faculty (Purcell)

An academic bildungsroman: Faculty development in transitional spaces (Schwab)

From rigorous preparation to reflexive practice to reflective publication for undergraduates: Ethics, practices and protocols for community-based engagement and research in international settings (Swap et al.)

Theriot_Faculty transformation_wc_TP_400.jpg
Faculty transformation through service learning implementation (Theriot et al.)

Current and cutting edge research on academe’s community-engaged scholars (Ward et al.)

Faculty experiences with adult learners in service-learning: A study and a guide (Wittman & Buglione)

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